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Carburetor Diaphragm & Gasket Kit Zama GND-39 Stihl FS120 MS191T MS200 FS200

Carburetor Diaphragm & Gasket Kit Zama GND-39 Stihl FS120 MS191T MS200 FS200

$ 14.99


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One NEW Zama gasket & diaphragm kit # GND-39 for many C1Q type Zama carburetors.
Part location = BIN #85- GND-39.
Replaces: Zama GND-33. Fits Husqvarna 40, 45, H40-45, H55-51, 240 & 245 chain saws. Fits Zama C1Q-DL1, C1Q-EL5 A, C1Q-EL6, C1Q-EL7, C1Q-EL10, C1Q-S43 A-B, C1Q-S57 A, C1Q-M43 and C1Q-M44 carburetors.
The kit is used on Zama C1Q body carbs with model number E5, EL11, EL12, EL13, EL14, EL19, EL24, EL25, EL26, EL30, EL33, EL36, EL38, EL39, M31, M41, S32, S49, S50, S51D, S59, S61, S96, S103, S104, S108, S109, S124, S125, S134, S135, and S136. This kit will fit Husky 322L, 323L, 325L, 326L, 325HS, R16, R18, R25, and other models,
Stihl models HS45, BG55, BG65, BG85, SH55, SH85, MS191T, 1129, MS200, 1137, and many other Stihl models, and Mac 320 and 380 trimmer
For those of you that need a cross reference for which kit you need for your Zama carburetor, I am including a cross reference chart below.
C1-17-01C RB-01 GND-01
C1-17-02,A RB-01 GND-01
C1-M2B RB-01 GND-01
C1M-EL28 RB-130 GND-71
C1M-FR1,A-B RB-70 GND-43
C1M-H57 RB-57 GND-43
C1M-H58,A-B RB-57 GND-43
C1M-H58C RB-127 GND-43
C1M-K24,A-B RB-44 GND-31
C1M-K25,A-B RB-44 GND-31
C1M-K37,A-D RB-61 GND-31
C1M-K49,A-C RB-44 GND-31
C1M-K76 RB-44 GND-31
C1M-K77 RB-124 GND-67
C1M-W26 RB-129 GND-70
C1Q-DM1 RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM6,A RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM7,A RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM8,A-B RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM9,A-B RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM10A-B RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-DM13 RB-119 GND-27
C1Q-E3 RB-47 GND-18
C1Q-E4 RB-47 GND-18
C1Q-E5 RB-55 GND-39
C1Q-E5A RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-E5B RB-74 GND-27
C1Q-E6,A RB-47 GND-18
C1Q-E7,A RB-76 GND-41
C1Q-E10 RB-76 GND-41
C1Q-EL1 RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-EL5,A RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-EL6 RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-EL7 RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-EL10 RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-EL11,A-B RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL12 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL13 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL14 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL19A-B RB-108 GND-39
C1Q-EL20A-B RB-109 GND-59
C1Q-EL21 RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-EL22 RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-EL23 RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-EL24 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL25 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL26 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-EL27 RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-EL30,A RB-118 GND-39
C1Q-EL33 RB-137 GND-39
C1Q-EL33A RB-137 GND-39
C1Q-EL34 RB-138 GND-59
C1Q-H14,A-B RB-39 GND-27
C1Q-H17 RB-46 GND-27
C1Q-H17A-D RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-H19,A-C RB-39 GND-27
C1Q-H27 RB-39 GND-27
C1Q-H32,A RB-39 GND-27
C1Q-H35 RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-H42 RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-H43 RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-H44 RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-H45 RB-54 GND-27
C1Q-K64,A RB-56 GND-57
C1Q-K73,A RB-113 GND-61
C1Q-K79 RB-56 GND-57
C1Q-M24 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-M25 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-M26 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-M27,A-D RB-39 GND-35
C1Q-M28,A-D RB-39 GND-35
C1Q-M31 RB-51 GND-39
C1Q-M33,A-D RB-39 GND-35
C1Q-M36,A RB-39 GND-35
C1Q-M39 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-M41 RB-51 GND-39
C1Q-M43 RB-45 GND-33
C1Q-P8 RB-75 GND-47
C1Q-P18,A RB-52 GND-18
C1Q-P22 RB-52 GND-18
C1Q-P24 RB-52 GND-18
C1Q-P26 RB-52 GND-18
C1Q-S11C-E RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-S11G RB-50 GND-35
C1Q-S16A RB-41 GND-35
C1Q-S28,A-D RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S29,A-C RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S30,A-C RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S32 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-S33,A-B RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-S34,A-H RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-S35,A-B RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-S36,A-G RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-S37,A-B RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-S41,A RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S41B RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S42,A RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S42B RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S43,A-B RB-77 GND-33
C1Q-S44,A RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S45 RB-66 GND-28
C1Q-S46,A RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-S47 RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S48 RB-79 GND-39
C1Q-S48A RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S49,A RB-79 GND-39
C1Q-S49B RB-83 GND-39
C1Q-S50 RB-79 GND-39
C1Q-S51,A-C RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-S51D RB-83 GND-39
C1Q-S53,A RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S54 RB-84 GND-50
C1Q-S55 RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S56 RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S57,A RB-77 GND-33
C1Q-S58 RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S59 RB-91 GND-39
C1Q-S60 RB-85 GND-51
C1Q-S61,A-D RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-S62 RB-93 GND-53
C1Q-S63,A RB-84 GND-50
C1Q-S64 RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S66 RB-84 GND-50
C1Q-S67 RB-96 GND-53
C1Q-S68,A RB-99 GND-56
C1Q-S69A RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S70 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S71 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S72 RB-97 GND-55
C1Q-S72B RB-114 GND-55
C1Q-S73 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S74,A RB-106 GND-58
C1Q-S75,A RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S76,A RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S77,A RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S78 RB-84 GND-50
C1Q-S79 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S81 RB-114 GND-55
C1Q-S82 RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S83 RB-89 GND-50
C1Q-S84,A-B RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S85,A-B RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S86,A-B RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S87,A-B RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S88 RB-114 GND-55
C1Q-S89,A-B RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S90,A RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S91 RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S92 RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S93 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S94 RB-84 GND-50
C1Q-S95 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S96,A RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-S97 RB-100 GND-56
C1Q-S98 RB-132 GND-72
C1Q-S99 RB-134 GND-72
C1Q-S100 RB-134 GND-72
C1Q-S101 RB-134 GND-72
C1Q-S102 RB-105 GND-35
C1Q-S103 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-S104 RB-69 GND-39
C1Q-SK4 RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-SK5 RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-SK6,A RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-SK7 RB-40 GND-28
C1Q-SK8 RB-68 GND-17
C1Q-SK9 RB-68 GND-17
C1Q-SK10 RB-68 GND-17
C1Q-SK15 RB-68 GND-17
C1Q-SK16 RB-68 GND-17
C1Q-W2A RB-39 GND-27
C1Q-W5 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-W6 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-W8 RB-72 GND-27
C1Q-W9,A-B RB-72 GND-27
C1Q-W11,A-D RB-47 GND-18
C1Q-W14 RB-72 GND-27
C1Q-W14A RB-41 GND-27
C1Q-W15 RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-W20,A RB-41 GND-27
C1Q-W29,A RB-38 GND-27
C1Q-Z4 RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-Z5 RB-72 GND-35
C1Q-Z6 RB-120 GND-27
C1S-E1 RB-02 GND-02
C1S-E2 RB-02 GND-02
C1S-H2A RB-03 GND-02
C1S-H3 RB-03 GND-02
C1S-H4A-C RB-05 GND-02
C1S-H6A RB-03 GND-02
C1S-H7 RB-03 GND-02
C1S-H8,A RB-05 GND-02
C1S-K1,A-C RB-06 GND-03
C1S-K1D RB-07 GND-04
C1S-K3A-C RB-03 GND-02
C1S-K3D RB-08 GND-06
C1S-K6A-B RB-09 GND-05
C1S-M8 RB-10 GND-32
C1S-M9 RB-10 GND-32
C1S-M12 RB-10 GND-32
C1S-M13 RB-10 GND-32
C1S-S1,A-C RB-11 GND-07
C1S-S2 RB-12 GND-07
C1S-S3,A-E RB-13 GND-07
C1S-SK1 RB-13 GND-07
C1S-SK2 RB-13 GND-07
C1S-Z1,A-D RB-14 GND-06
C1U-D1AB,B RB-63 GND-17
C1U-DM4,A-C RB-20 GND-12
C1U-FD1 RB-48 GND-18
C1U-H10,A-F RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H11,A-K RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H12,A-B RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H12C-D RB-29 GND-12
C1U-H13,A-E RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H18,A-D RB-29 GND-12
C1U-H28 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-H29 RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H30,B RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H31,A-C RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H33 RB-29 GND-12
C1U-H36 RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H37 RB-20 GND-12
C1U-H39,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H40 RB-29 GND-12
C1U-H41 RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H46,A RB-82 GND-49
C1U-H47 RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H48,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H49 RB-82 GND-49
C1U-H60,A-D RB-29 GND-18
C1U-H61,A RB-20 GND-12
C1U-K4 RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K7,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K8,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K9,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K10 RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K10A RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K11 RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K12 RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K13 RB-63 GND-17
C1U-K14 RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K15,A-B RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K16,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K17 RB-23 GND-12
C1U-K18,A-B RB-63 GND-17
C1U-K19 RB-25 GND-17
C1U-K20,A-C RB-26 GND-17
C1U-K21 RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K21A-B RB-26 GND-17
C1U-K22,A RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K23 RB-26 GND-17
C1U-K23A-B RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K26 RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K26A-B RB-52 GND-18
C1U-K27,A-D RB-23 GND-12
C1U-K28,A RB-48 GND-18
C1U-K29,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K30,A RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K31 RB-26 GND-17
C1U-K31A-B RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K32,A RB-21 GND-18
C1U-K34,A RB-26 GND-17
C1U-K35,A RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K36,A RB-48 GND-18
C1U-K39,A-B RB-62 GND-40
C1U-K41,A-B RB-62 GND-40
C1U-K42,A-B RB-59 GND-38
C1U-K43,A-B RB-59 GND-38
C1U-K44,A-B RB-59 GND-38
C1U-K45 RB-27 GND-17
C1U-K46 RB-65 GND-38
C1U-K47 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K51 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K52 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K53,A RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K53B RB-121 GND-41
C1U-K54,A RB-71 GND-44
C1U-K55 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K58 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K59 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K62 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-K68 RB-104 GND-41
C1U-K78 RB-125 GND-68
C1U-K81 RB-71 GND-44
C1U-K82 RB-71 GND-44
C1U-M16 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-M20 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-M21,A-C RB-20 GND-12
C1U-M29,A-E RB-48 GND-18
C1U-M32,A-C RB-28 GND-18
C1U-M35A RB-29 GND-12
C1U-M37,A RB-48 GND-18
C1U-M38 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-M40 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-M42 RB-28 GND-18
C1U-P5 RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P6,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P7 RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P10,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P11,A-B RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P12,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P14,A RB-29 GND-18
C1U-P17 RB-98 GND-18
C1U-P21 RB-98 GND-18
C1U-P23 RB-98 GND-18
C1U-SK11 RB-26 GND-17
C1U-SK12 RB-26 GND-17
C1U-SK13,A RB-26 GND-17
C1U-SK14 RB-26 GND-17
C1U-SK17 RB-64 GND-41
C1U-W4,A-E RB-73 GND-12
C1U-W7A,C,D RB-73 GND-18
C1U-W7B RB-78 GND-17
C1U-W10,B,C RB-47 GND-18
C1U-W12,A,B RB-47 GND-18
C1U-W13,A,B RB-47 GND-18
C1U-W16,B,C RB-47 GND-18
C1U-W17,A RB-111 GND-49
C1U-W18,A RB-115 GND-12
C1U-W19 RB-117 GND-64
C1U-W22 RB-47 GND-18
C1U-W24 RB-115 GND-12
C1U-W27 RB-115 GND-12
C2 / C2S    
C2-20-01,A RB-15 GND-08
C2-20-02,A RB-15 GND-08
C2-L1,A RB-15 GND-08
C2-M3A RB-15 GND-08
C2S-19-01 RB-18 GND-10
C2S-H5,A RB-16 GND-09
C2S-H9 RB-17 GND-09
C3 / C3A/M    
C3-E8 RB-95 GND-54
C3-E9 RB-95 GND-54
C3-EL15,A RB-95 GND-54
C3-EL16,A RB-95 GND-54
C3-EL17,A-B RB-122 GND-65
C3-EL18,A-B RB-122 GND-65
C3-EL29 RB-133 GND-73
C3A-G1,A RB-30 GND-20
C3A-H15,A-B RB-34 GND-23
C3A-S4 RB-32 GND-26
C3A-S4A-C RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S19 RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S25 RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S26 RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S27,A-D RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S31,A-E RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S38,A-B RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S39,A-B RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S52 RB-31 GND-21
C3A-S65 RB-31 GND-21
C3M-DM11 RB-101 GND-63
C3M-DM12 RB-101 GND-63
C3M-EL2A-C RB-60 GND-24
C3M-EL8,A-B RB-60 GND-24
C3M-FJ1,A RB-35 GND-24
C3M-FJ2,A RB-35 GND-24
C3M-FJ3,A-C RB-35 GND-24
C3M-FJ4 RB-35 GND-24
C3M-FJ5,A RB-35 GND-24
C3M-K33,A-D RB-53 GND-26
C3M-K74 RB-116 GND-62
C3M-K80 RB-116 GND-62
C3M-S5,A-C RB-37 GND-26
C3M-S5D-G RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S12,A-B RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S20 RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S21 RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S22 RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S23 RB-36 GND-25
C3M-S24 RB-36 GND-25
LA / LB / LE    
LA-S6,A RB-42 GND-30
LA-S7,A RB-42 GND-30
LA-S8,A RB-42 GND-30
LB-S9 RB-42 GND-30
LE-H53 RB-86 GND-18
LE-H54,A RB-86 GND-49
LE-H55 RB-94 GND-12
LE-H56 RB-94 GND-12
M1-M7 RB-19 GND-11
RB-FR2,A RB-102 GND-52
RB-FR3,A RB-103 GND-52
RB-FR4 RB-102 GND-52
RB-K57,A-B RB-81 GND-48
RB-K60,A RB-88 GND-52
RB-K61,A RB-88 GND-52
RB-K63 RB-81 GND-48
RB-K65,A RB-112 GND-52
RB-K66 RB-112 GND-52
RB-K66A-B RB-107 GND-52
RB-K67 RB-112 GND-52
RB-K67A-B RB-107 GND-52
RB-K70,A RB-107 GND-52
RB-K71 RB-107 GND-52
RB-K72 RB-107 GND-52
RB-K75 RB-123 GND-66
RB-SK18,A RB-107 GND-52


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