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New Ignition coil OEM Genuine Homelite, Ryobi PS02762, 4306401, 308064001, 850080001

New Ignition coil OEM Genuine Homelite, Ryobi PS02762, 4306401, 308064001, 850080001

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One NEW genuine OEM Homelite, Craftsman, Ryobi IGNITION MODULE coil

bin 850080001
Fits Models:
· BackPacker Blower UT-08121-->Ignition And Rotor
· BC1600 Trimmer/Brushcutter UT-15198-->Ignition - Rotor - Starter - Clutch
· C1200 Trimmer/Brushcutter UT-20809-->Ignition - Rotor - Starter - Clutch
· S1400 Trimmer/Brushcutter UT-20810-->Ignition - Rotor - Starter - Clutch
· Yard Sweeper Blower UT-08929-A-->Ignition And Rotor
· Yard Sweeper Vac Blower UT-08930-A-->Ignition And Rotor
· String Trimmer UT-20006-->Figure B
· String Trimmer UT-20026-->Figure B
· String Trimmer UT-20046-->Figure B
· Backpacker II Blower UT-08072-->Figure C
· Backpacker II Blower UT-08572-->Figure C
· Backpacker II Blower UT-08572-A-->Figure C
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08042-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08514-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08542-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08542-A-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08542-B-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08544-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08546-->Figure B
· Vac Attack II Blower UT-08947-->Figure B
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08012-->Figure B
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08510-->Ignition And Rotor
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08511-->Ignition And Rotor
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08512-->Figure B
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08512-A-->Figure B
· Yard Broom II Blower UT-08512-B-->Figure B
· RY30000 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30000A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30000B 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30002 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30002A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30002B 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30004 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30004A 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30004B 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30004D 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30020A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30020B 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30021A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30040A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30040B 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30041A 30cc String Trimmer-->Engine Assembly
· RY30060A 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30060B 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY30061A 30cc Brushcutter-->Engine Assembly
· RY52001 Pruner/Trimmer (PC30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52001A Pruner/Trimmer (PC30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52002 Pruner/Trimmer (PC30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52002A Pruner/Trimmer (PC30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52003 Gas Pruner (TP30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52003A Gas Pruner (TP30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52004 30cc Gas Pruner (TP30)-->Engine Assembly
· RY52004A Gas Pruner (TP30)-->Engine Assembly
Refer to part numbers PS02762, 308064001 and/or 850080001.
BIN # = 850080001.


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