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repair kit carb carburetor sdc HOMELITE XL12 SUPER XL chainsaw part

repair kit carb carburetor sdc HOMELITE XL12 SUPER XL chainsaw part

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1 new genuine OEM Walbro carb carburetor overhaul rebuild repair kit for the following SDC type carburetors used on the vintage Homelite, McCulloch, Pioneer, Partner, Dolmar & Sears models:
bin k10 - sdc 
· Carburetor SDC-1-1-->SDC-1-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-10-1-->SDC-10-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-11-1-->SDC-11-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-12-1-->SDC-12-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-13-1-->SDC-13-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-14-1-->SDC-14-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-16-1-->SDC-16-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-18-1-->SDC-18-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-19-1-->SDC-19-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-2-1-->SDC-2-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-20-1-->SDC-20-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-21-1-->SDC-21-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-23-1-->SDC-23-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-24-1-->SDC-24-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-25-1-->SDC-25-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-26-1-->SDC-26-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-27-1-->SDC-27-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-28-1-->SDC-28-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-29-1-->SDC-29-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-3-1-->SDC-3-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-30-1-->SDC-30-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-31-1-->SDC-31-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-32-1-->SDC-32-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-33-1-->SDC-33-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-34-1-->SDC-34-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-36-1-->SDC-36-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-37-1-->SDC-37-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-38-1-->SDC-38-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-40-1-->SDC-40-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-41-1-->SDC-41-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-43-1-->SDC-43-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-44-1-->SDC-44-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-45-1-->SDC-45-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-46-1-->SDC-46-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-47-1-->SDC-47-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-48-1-->SDC-48-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-49-1-->SDC-49-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-50-1-->SDC-50-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-51-1-->SDC-51-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-52-1-->SDC-52-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-53-1-->SDC-53-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-59-1-->SDC-59-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-60-1-->SDC-60-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-61-1-->SDC-61-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-62-1-->SDC-62-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-63-1-->SDC-63-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-64-1-->SDC-64-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-65-1-->SDC-65-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-66-1-->SDC-66-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-67-1-->SDC-67-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-68-1-->SDC-68-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-69-1-->SDC-69-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-7-1-->SDC-7-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-70-1-->SDC-70-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-71-1-->SDC-71-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-73-1-->SDC-73-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-74-1-->SDC-74-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-75-1-->SDC-75-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-76-1-->SDC-76-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-77-1-->SDC-77-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-78-1-->SDC-78-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-79-1-->SDC-79-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-8-1-->SDC-8-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-80-1-->SDC-80-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-81-1-->SDC-81-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-82-1-->SDC-82-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-83-1-->SDC-83-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-84-1-->SDC-84-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-85-1-->SDC-85-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-86-1-->SDC-86-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-87-1-->SDC-87-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-88-1-->SDC-88-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-89-1-->SDC-89-1 PARTS LIST
· Carburetor SDC-9-1-->SDC-9-1 PARTS LIST
Refer to part number k10-sdc.
Also fits:
Fits Echo Chainsaw Models
CS-100 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-76, CS-281EVL, CS-282 With Walbro Carburetor WA-108,108A, WT-35, 68
CS-702EVL, 702VL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-70, 70A
CS-750EVL, 803EVL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-70, 70A
CS-900EVL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-77
CS-1001VL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-52,52A, 52B, 76
CS-1160VL, 1100VL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-84, 84B
CS-610VL With Walbro Carburetor SDC-70, 70A
Fits Echo Blower Models
SBF-80 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-75

Fits Homelite Chain Saw Models
450 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-54,54A,54B,54C,62A,63,63A,64
550 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-66,66A,69,69A
700,800 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-9
1050A,1130GA Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-60,74
DM-50 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-71
Super 1050A,1130GA Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-60,74
Super XL,Super XL Auto,XL 12 Auto,XL15 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-6, 8, 29, 62, 62A, 82, 87
VI 130 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-81,81A
Super XL-AO,Super 2,VI Super 2SL Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-87
XL12,XL12 Auto,XL100,XL101,102,102 Auto,103,104,XL112,113,114,121,122,122E,123,123E Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-8,1,12,21,25,29,31,32,48,62,62A
XL400 Auto,400 Auto FP,700, 800, 800AM, 850,900E,900EAM, 901, 913, 913M, 913FP, 914M, 921, 923, 924,922,925,XL Auto,400AV Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-26, 8, 9, 13, 23, 27, 28, 82
· SXLAO (Big Red) Chain Saw UT-10739-->Carburetor (Walbro)
· SXLAO (Int'l) Chain Saw UT-10650-B-->Carburetor (Walbro)
· SXLAO (Old Blue) Chain Saw UT-10712-->Carburetor (Walbro)
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10045-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10045-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10045-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10045-C-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10045-E-->Carburetor (Walbro)
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10166-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10478-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10487-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10487-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10489-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10489-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10491-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10499-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10499-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10499-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10525-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10525-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10525-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10535-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10535-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10543-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10543-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10543-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10548-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10548-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10560-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10574-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10574-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10590-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10590-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10591-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10591-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10602-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10602-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10602-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10645-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· SXLAO Chain Saw UT-10651-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10080-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10080-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10080-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10080-C-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10080-D-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10445-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10445-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10445-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10445-C-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10446-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10456-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10456-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10476-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10488-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10488-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10488-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10490-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10526-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10526-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10526-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10526-C-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10541-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10541-A-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10541-B-->SDC-62 Carburetor
· XL12 Chain Saw UT-10541-C-->SDC-62 Carburetor
Fits Homelite Blower Models
J-501 Auto With Walbro Carburetor SDC-68A
2-10,3-10,5-10,5-10A,6-10 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-2,3
7-10,7-10A, PRO MAC 700 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-22, 44, 44A, 58, 58A
10-10,10-10A With Walbro Carburetor SDC-37,37A,44,44A,65
210,210AV With Walbro Carburetor SDC-18
510,610AV,710 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-18, 44, 44A
CT125,CP55,CP80 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-20, 37A, 38, 38A
Double Eagle 80 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-85
Mac 15 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-7
Power Mac 555 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-44
Power Mac 570,580 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-38A
Pro Mac 10, 10A, 55, 60 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-43, 44, 44A49, 58, 58A
Super 10-10, 710 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-16, 18
Super Pro 60, 70, 81, 81X, 125, 125C With Walbro Carburetor SDC-20, 38A, 50, 50A, 51, 51A, 51B, 58, 58A, 61

Fits McCulloch Mini Bike Model
49E With Walbro Carburetor SDC-43a
Fits Pioneer/Partner Chainsaw Models
P41,42,50,51,61,62,70 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-53A,53B,53C,53D,80
R30 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-30
Multimot 100 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-79A
Fits Sachs Dolmar Chain Saw Models
122 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-47A.
144 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-45A.
CA-113 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-46.
Fits Solo Chainsaw Models
640 With Walbro Carburetor SDC-24


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